Cyclone Released and other news

I released Cyclone on Spotify on the 12th September 2020, and currently working on the last track of my latest album. I've not decided on the name of the track yet, which is something I will do towards the end of the process, probably. I've not created the single sleeve artwork either yet. Cyclone seems to have been well received so far, and I've had quite a few positive comments and plays on Spotify. I've submitted it to BBC Introducing, but only got as far as the listen stage at the moment. I feel Cyclone is probably one of my best tracks so far, and I am pleased with the artwork too. I have created a couple of t-shirt designs based on the artwork, but I haven't seen them in the flesh yet. so fingers crossed that they are ok. After I have completed the Hexagon album I am planning to start authoring some more videos, as I've been getting stuck into some great open-source video software which I am planning to use to replace the paid-for sofware I've used. Anyway, will post some more here soon.