The Year in Review

I feel like I have made a few strides forward this year. Managed to achieve a few things, and although it's not quite the end of the year, I thought I would do a review. I don't want to dismiss the impact that Coronavirus has had this year on people's lives; it's been truly terrible for lots of people and my heart goes out to them, but being locked down gave me lots of extra time I wouldn't otherwise have had. And I tried to make the most of it, which I feel I accomplished. So far this year...

  • I sold my first t-shirt! I was really happy about this. Someone somewhere in the world is walking around with one of my t-shirts. They liked my music enough to go and buy a t-shirt. Whoever it was, thanks!
  • I have had three tracks, Expanse, Dark Energy and Rogue State played on BBC Introducing (two of the tracks are on the same album). I am really grateful for the airtime because I imagine they get lots and lots of requests. My Rogue State airplay happened this evening, actually!
  • I have had lots of radio play from stations in the UK (Gadget G Radio, Radio Wigwam), Germany (Radio TFSC) and Los Angeles (BTM Radio), and also featured on The Recovery Room podcast.
  • I completed a full album, my sixth one, Hexagon and it's one of which I am really proud. I am happy with every track on there, and don't feel I could have done any better at my current skill level.
  • I have designed two music videos this year for Otaku and Expanse, and currently working on a third for Cyclone. They are time-consuming to do, so they take a bit of time to produce.
  • I redesigned my website, but more work is required.
  • Cyclone is my first track to get over a 1000 plays and it wasn't me listening to it a thousand times!
  • I have been promoting my music mainly through Twitter, but going forward I will also be looking at other avenues.

I am planning to do a continuous mix type of thing of my tracks via some sort of livestream, but have no other information about this at the moment because I haven't totally figured it out yet! Anyway, more news soon