Review of the Year: Part 2

I was a little premature with my last post. A couple more things have happened since my last one. I didn't think anything else was going to happen, and to be honest there are still a couple of months left. And the craziness is coming to an end in the White House (totally unrelated to this post, but thought it was nice to mention).

I got an email on Thursday I think it was, from the team at BBC Introducing Humberside saying that my Rogue State track was going to be played on the radio on Saturday 7th November. To be honest, I thought they had emailed me in error as I hadn't uploaded any music to them in a few weeks as I'm not planning on writing anything new until next year, although I am going to probably work on an EP of reworked tracks in December, for other purposes. These will be two or three tracks from my earlier albums that I want to rework for a new upcoming project. Anyhoo, I thought I would listen in to the station anyway because there's some great up-and-coming talent in the Humberside area, and about 20 or so minutes in, my track Rogue State got a second play on the show! Couldn't believe it. Alan Raw, the host of the BBC Introducing show described it as 'quality' and at the end of the track 'it's a huge track innit?'. Felt so good after that. and I appreciate the comments so much, particularly coming from the BBC. I felt incredibly lucky getting my Portals track onto the show around this time last year, but never thought for a second I would get another four features this year! I put a great deal of effort into Hexagon, and it feels just great to have two tracks from this album featured on the show. I have had a lot of positive and encouraging comments from various people on Twitter and Instagram lately, and have been included on quite a few Spotify playlists, although not having much luck with the algorithm ones yet. I am also going to be featured on an Urban Anthems show on Wigwam Radio this Wednesday, but I'm not sure what track they are playing yet. Could be Cyclone again, or one of the other tracks I have uploaded. They haven't released their track list so I am not sure. Sad to hear Gadget G Radio went under as they also played a lot of great tracks and supported me with airplay quite a bit.

I've finished my video for Cyclone which is available on the Video page of this site. I am really proud of it, and think it's my best vid so far. It was a really difficult one to do. There was lots of 3D rendering; a couple of the scenes took about 24 hours to render, but that's partially down to my graphics cards not being quite powerful enough and I used Cycles in Blender, rather than EEVEE. I actually prefer EEVEE for motion graphics. but there's just an extra level of quality I feel with a Cycles rendering. But I guess you've already fell asleep at this point! :D

If I get up to anything else, before the end of the year, I will probably do a Review Part 3.