New year, new stuff and Radio Plays!

Because I've been holed up in the same four walls for a year, I've managed to get quite a lot done. I completed an album by October and also created 3 new videos. I had December off because I was pretty tired to be honest. But by a few days before New Year's Eve, I wanted to get stuck into some writing. Almost as the New Year started I finished my latest track Nazca. It's the first track of my upcoming 7th album which will be released towards the back-end of 2021. It's a bit of a departure from my usual stuff. It's a bit more understated, the drum beats are more toned down and it sounds a bit more deep house. Anyway, it's out now!

In 2021, I am hoping to start working towards a live production. I think it's going to be a case of me DJing my own tracks, with my visuals in the background. Needs a lot of research and work this, so I'll report back here later in the year when I have more details. Need to figure out how to DJ first!!

A few things have happened so far in January.

  • BBC Introducing Humberside was due to play my latest track Nazca on their show on January 16th (I was even given a shout out on Twitter by Alan Raw), but disappointingly it didn't get played, so I don't know if I have missed my chance.
  • Cyclone (probably my favourite track) is getting some air-time on Big City Radio on 89.1FM DAB in Birmingham at 7PM on Wednesday 21st January 2021. Really happy about this, and wasn't expecting it.
  • Getting a further play of Cyclone on Hive UK Radio in Manchester at 10am on Saturday 23rd January
  • Getting yet another play of Cyclone on a radio station in London on the 30th, more details to follow about that

So after my disappointment of not getting played on BBC Introducing (for a 6th time altogether), three other shows have popped up! Feel a bit brighter now!

Finally, I am working on a video for Curved Space, which will form part of a set if I manage to get to a live setting.