Bumper Week on the Wireless!

I've had/have a bumper number of plays on the radio, this week, I must say. I've been submitting to a few radio stations and didn't expect to get many replies, but I did, so I'm not complaining. I've not had time to collate the URLs for the following stations but a quick Google search would do the trick.

  • BBC Introducing Humberside: 8pm Saturday 30th Jan 2021
  • Radio TFSC in Germany
  • Big City Radio 89fm in Birmingham on Wednesday 27th Jan 2021
  • Hive UK Radio in Manchester at 10am Saturday 30th Jan 2021
  • Exile FM in London at 5pm Saturday 30th Jan 2021 (my track Cyclone also got into the Top 3 track of the week vote)
  • Banks Radio in Australia (although not exactly sure when this is going to be played

Not bad going for a pleb from up north, eh?