Site Refresh, Merch page and other news

I have had a couple of busy weeks. I've added a merchandise page to the site and also refreshed the site style. It didn't take me a vast amount of time to do, but it was more fiddly than anything. I am still in the process of adding new designs to the site for purchase, although you can't purchase anything directly from this site, because I don't want to handle anybody's personal information, I've left that to the companies I've chosen to sell my merch. The Merch page has links to all the designs currently available.

In other news, BBC Introducing Humberside played my latest track Nazca, and they were very complimentary, which was really nice. In fact, a listener of the show messaged me on YouTube, to say they thought my music was 'ahead of its time' and that it would sound great in a live environment. Was really bowled over to get those comments, and I appreciate them so much. I am working towards a live show, but it's going to require a lot of research and months of effort first I think.