Name for 7th Album and new artwork

It's been a quiet couple of months, but got a couple more tracks finished since I last wrote and come up with important stuff for next album. I slept occasionally too. I was going to leave some of my heavier breakbeat stuff behind with this album, but I missed it too much, so there's a bit of a return to it with my latest track, Cadence. It's still maintaining a dark theme. I'm putting more emphasis on the low-end of the audio on this new album, I am beefing up the bass and the top end melodies are going to be a bit more sparse this time round. Which brings me on to the title of my new album, which is going to be PreAmplified. I discovered some old music covers (test efforts mainly) and came across the album title I had used in the early 2000s. Checked to see if the TLD was available. Couldn't believe it was, and that was that. The title for my 7th album! I just finished the artwork and you can see it in the blog post. Quite chuffed with it actually. In other news, had a number of plays on different UK and international radio stations.