Latest News in May

Had a busy couple of months. Not posted much due to some personal stuff, but back online now. Since I last posted, I've written three more tracks; Spiral, Horizon, and Encrypt. the latter being the latest. I'm probably going to re-write Horizon to some extent because I discovered some mixing problems with it too late, and I don't much like the overall track. I'm happy with all my others, particularly Encrypt, which I feel I am totally on form with.

Since my last post, I've been on BBC Introducing Humberside (my 7th time). The presenter said I'd 'done it again with another incredible track' which was really nice to hear. The track on the show was Cadence, probably one of my better tracks. I also got some great feedback from industry professionals on BBC Introducing Feedback Friday on Twitter. You can read what they said about my tracks Cadence, Nazca and Rogue Statue at these twitter links.


One of the tweets from the pros was from a Radio 1 Extra DJ and another was someone working at Hospital Records; the comments were really nice and constructive.

I also continue to get played on Radio TSFC in Germany, Big City Radio FM in Birmingham, and Exile Radio in London. So momentum is building ever so gradually. I am really grateful for the support these guys are giving me. Also the Big City Radio show is syndicated across the world so my music is getting played as far away as New Zealand, India and Indonesia, as well as the US.

My latest track 'Encrypt' is quite an impactful piece of music, so I am hoping it gains some further traction.

Anyway folks, that's all for now.