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New year, new stuff and Radio Plays!

Because I've been holed up in the same four walls for a year, I've managed to get quite a lot done. I completed an album by October and also created 3 new videos.

Review of the Year: Part 2

I was a little premature with my last post. A couple more things have happened since my last one.

The Year in Review

I feel like I have made a few strides forward this year. Managed to achieve a few things, and although it's not quite the end of the year, I thought I would do a review.

Latest Track Rogue State Now on Spotify

My latest track Rogue State is now on Spotify and on it's way to other retailers.

New Artwork for Hexagon Cover

I slightly redesigned the cover for my sixth album 'Hexagon'. It retains the white stripe which is present on my single covers.

Cyclone Released and other news

I released Cyclone on Spotify on the 12th September 2020, and currently working on the last track of my latest album.

Latest track 'Cyclone' underway!

My 59th and penultimate track of Hexagon is currently being written!

New track Iridium in the works!

Fast approaching the end of my 6th album! Can't believe I've written nearly 60 tracks!

Expanse Video and New Tracks

A couple more tracks and a video have been completed over the last month. Here's up-to-date news..

Video for Expanse in Progress and new track news

I am currently working on my fifth music video, although it's going to take a bit longer than normal ...